XRack: Luggagerack for soft luggage

Our experience in preparing the G650XC for travel and adventure purposes has led to the development of this rack
Designed to support the "Magadan-bags" , conceived and developed by well-known adventurist Walter Colebatch, but actually suited for all kinds of soft luggage

Major design criteria were:

- Strength, the survival of serious adventure riding, at a relatively low weight
- A connection to the lowest part of the subframe, to divide the forces on this part as well as possible
- Positioning of the luggage as low and as far forward as possible for proper weight distribution and less stress on the subframe

The various offroad trips of our "test drivers" to a.o. Siberia and Mongolia have proven that the rack is strong enough to survive some abuse
Of course it has been designed with an eye for detail and optimum strength in the connections. In our products you will not find sueezed or flattened tubes to make attachments. A cheap way to produce but always the first areas where cracks and problems appear.
All welded connections are tig welds

Available in black

Fits with the original alloy and Touratech steel subframe and of course combines well with our Xtank

An adapted version is available for the steel subframe of the 2009 XCountry (yellow). The lower mounting points replace the pillion pegs.

Complete kit with all brackets and fasteners included


€ 459,80    incl. VAT

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The Netherlands:

€  15,00


At request

Prices for export outside EEC, delivery terms: free delivered, uncleared:


€ 380,00

Shipping incl. export clearance

At request

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the liability laws in the US and our insurance we do not sell nor ship to the USA.


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